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A must have for the waiting room...

It's Career Day and Drew must tell the truth. He does not want to be a doctor or teacher. He wants to be a Dino Dentist! When his classmates laugh and make fun, drew sets off to make his Dino Dentist dream come true by building a time machine and setting the dial to Jurassic.

Follow Drew into the Jurassic Era to live the life of a Dino Dentist for a day. Can he help a T-Rex with a wiggler? Can he clean triceratops mouth full of muck? Can he calm a pterodactyl to help her toothache? One thing is for sure, the journey is jaw-dropping.

Written by Jeff Zilch

Illustrations by Kate Fallahee

About the Author

Jeff Zilch is an educator born and raised in Western Massachusetts.  Currently working as a technology integration specialist, Jeff has over 15 years of teaching experience in a wide variety of schools.  The idea for Dino Dentist came from a nightly storytelling tradition with his two young children.  Each night, we would tell "animal stories" to one another and Dino Dentist was created one fateful night.  Jeff is currently working on two other book projects including Wiggle, a story of the salmon migration, and Veggie Gumballs.

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